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Student newspaper invites candidates to Hamilton

The 2008 Presidential Election may be a year away, but Hamilton High School students involved with the student newspaper are doing their part to encourage citizens to be informed. Editors of The Troubadour have invited the candidates from the two major political parties to stop at their school to enlighten students and community members about their positions. They hope at least one of the candidates will take them up on their offer to speak some time in January, 2008 in the Hamilton Fine Arts Center.

Troubadour Co-Editor-in-Chief Sara Kamoske and Editorial Section Editor Eva Ennamorato sent letters to the candidates inviting them to give their views and answer questions from the audience. In anticipation of Wisconsin’s February primary, the newspaper plans to cover the presidential candidates in the January issue. The students said they are willing to open the doors to any mainline Republican and Democratic candidate who is willing to speak to students, parents and community members after school.

For Ennamorato, a senior who was a representative to Badger Girls State, the opportunity to hear a presidential candidate speak at her school would be a “memorial experience.”

What does she think about the likelihood that a major presidential candidate will take the student newspaper up on its offer?

“A lot of people doubt us, but you never know,” Ennamorato said.