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Hamilton band members successful at state

Many Hamilton High School Band members competed April 28 in the state-level Wisconsin State Music Association Solo and Ensemble Festival held on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. The state competition featured all students who received the highest rating of 1* at the district festival in Shorewood.

The following students and groups earned the highest rating of 1 at state:

  • Hamilton Woodwind Ensemble consisting of Alexandra Koelbl, Stephanie Maletz, Lydia Hickey; Sarah Buck, Kara Wisniewski, Lauren Kirsch, Shantelle Kind, Gabrielle Lyons, Courtney Gray, Ellen Kudronowicz, Elizabeth Bertucci, Stephanie Thiede, Betty Liang, Stephanie Englert, Alyssa Reetz, Sarah Vowels, Shannon Duenow, Ashley Mueller, Alyssa Gray, Joshua Guarisco, Matthew Kline, Joshua Gratz, Andrew Jost, Nicholas Talerico, Valerie Becker, Gina Philippi, Joshua Schwitz;
  • Hamilton Clarinet Ensemble consisting of Ellen Kudronowicz, Elizabeth Bertucci, Betty Liang, Stephanie Englert, Morgan Burns, Alissa Klobukowski, Alyssa Reetz, Sarah Vowels, Alyssa Gray, Shannon Duenow, Ashley Mueller, Andrew Jost, Joshua Schwitz and Briana Botros;
  • John Okruhlica – marimba solo;
  • Thomas Matthias – drum set solo;
  • Alexandra Koelbl, Lydia Hickey, Gabrielle Lyons – flute solos;
  • Kyle Giese – alto sax solo;
  • Daniel Fourness – trombone solo; and
  • Alexandra Koelbl and Kaitlyn Jacobi – flute duet.

In addition, Alexander Koelbl’s flute solo and Kyle Giese’s saxophone solo were chosen by festival adjudicators for Exemplary Solo Recognition Project honors. Adjudicators select the most exceptional student soloists at each of the WSMA State Festival sites. Koelbl and Giese were among only 450 soloists chosen among the 8,445 solos that were performed at state festivals.

Receiving a score of 2 were:

  • The Hamilton Saxophone Ensemble, consisting of Evan Flink, Nicholas Talerico, Lindsay James, Chris Sendelbach, Jennifer Dardich, Lauren Speckin, Andrew Doucette, Christian MacLeod, Valerie Becker, Emily Pride, Darcy Adams, Robert Matthias, Lauren Kirsch;
  • Alexander Klett – trumpet solo;
  • Lauren Kirsch and Joshua Schwitz – flute/clarinet duet;
  • Joshua Schwitz, Ellen Kudronowicz, Betty Liang, Andrew Jost – clarinet quartet;
  • Stephanie Maletz, Shantelle Kind – flute solos;
  • Alana Strait and Shantelle Kind – flute duet;
  • Joshua Guarisco – oboe solo; and
  • Ellen Kudronowicz – piano solo.