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Choir members do well at WSMA festival

Hamilton High School Choir members did well in the Wisconsin State Music Association (WSMA) District Solo & Ensemble held March 17 at Shorewood High School and Intermediate School.

Kaitlin Klemencic and Michael Guzman qualified as soloists to participate at the State Festival to be held April 28 at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Klemencic qualified for her soprano solo and musical theater, and Guzman qualified for his piano solo.

The following groups and individuals earned gold medal ratings in Class A competition:

  • Kayla Vogel, soprano solo and musical theater;
  • Stephanie Klees, alto solo;
  • Patricia Horvath, soprano solo;
  • Aja Zarling and Kirsten Kozik, vocal duet; and
  • Alison Bacon, Krista Overgaard, Jennifer Becker, Amanda Frievalt, Patricia Berge, Anisha Kuhl, Stephanie Klees, Kirsten Kozik, Jessica Henzig, Jessica Buschke, Aja Zarling, Patricia Horvath, Kaitlin Klemencic, Michael Guzman, James Dunlap, Andrew Rupert, Ashley Rupert, Kathleen Beitzel, Lori Noto, Raquel Wnuk, Amanda Rockwell, Alexandra Riska, Skye Christian, Heather Hulman, Kayla Vogel and Chaya Nayak, vocal jazz choir open class.

Those who earned gold medals in Class B competition were:

  • Anisha Kuhl, soprano solo;
  • Ashley Rupert, soprano solo; and
  • Jessica Henzig, alto solo.

Silver medals went to:

  • Patricia Berge, Chaya Nayak, Aja Zarling and Kirstin Kozik – Class A soloists;
  • Constance Dunlap, Raquel Wnuk and Skye Christian – Class B soloists;
  • Aja Zarling and Michael Guzman, Kathleen Beitzel and James Dunlap, Kaitlin Klemencic and Patricia Horvath – Class A duets; and
  • Alison Bacon, Kaitlin Klemencic and Kayla Vogel – Class B trio.

In addition, Jessica Buschke earned a bronze medal for a Class B solo.

Mary Ann Porwoll is the Hamilton choir director.