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Hamilton students move on to state competition

Hamilton High School one-act play performers will move on to state competition after advancing in both district and sectional competitions. Students will compete Nov. 17 at the Wisconsin High School Theater Festival on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus.

Students performed the one-act play “Inner Circle,” which offers a sober perspective about the adolescent belief of their invincibility. Hamilton theater teacher and play director Erin Brigham said the play will make people cry and get them to think about a serious issue.

Students who perform in the production are:

  • Kathryn Doyle;
  • Jaclyn Michl;
  • Joshua Greiveldinger; and
  • Kyle Florence.

Sarah Buck is the student director, and Michael Guzman and Gabrielle Mears are technical directors.

The Hamilton one-act play received the most possible advances at both district competition Oct. 21 and sectional competition Nov. 4.