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Schmitz honored for 30 years on School Board

Hamilton School Board member Gerald Schmitz was honored for 30 years of service to his district during the 2006 State Education Convention in Milwaukee. Schmitz received his award from Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) President Melody Gehrt.

“We know you are dedicated to public service and have the interest of children first in your heart. We thank you for doing a terrific job and for your long-time support of the children in this state and your district,” Gehrt said.

Schmitz’s service is an outstanding example of the importance for local schools to be governed by their communities, Gehrt pointed out. His years of service have given the public’s voice a sense of history, clarity, wisdom and vision.

WASB is a non-profit association that provides information and services to Wisconsin’s 426 school districts in the areas of school law, policymaking, bargaining, legislation and professional development.

The State Education Convention was held Jan. 18-20 at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee.