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Schools reach out with hurricane relief

Hamilton School District students, families and staff members reached out beyond their local communities to provide relief for victims of recent hurricanes. Through a variety of fund-raisers and drives, nearly $5,000 in cash and supplies was contributed to organizations helping those devastated by hurricanes that hit in September.

  • Maple Avenue Elementary School families contributed supplies and money to Second Harvest, which provided relief to families relocated to Wisconsin shelters. Maple Avenue families donated 791 items for the supply drive including packages of diapers, baby formula, nonperishable food and personal care items. A total of $527 was raised including $120 from first-graders in Jeanne Kolb and Rebecca Cochran’s classes who became “hurricane helpers” and earned money by doing extra chores at home.
  • Marcy Elementary School raised money for the American Red Cross through an appeal to families. Parent organizers had hoped to raise $500, and were overwhelmed when they ultimately collected $1,060. Given the number of pennies and change that filled the collection envelopes, many families heeded the request in the letters to allow students to contribute in whatever way they could.
  • Templeton Middle School Student Council raised more than $1,000 and pledged another $500 to aid hurricane victims. A money jar was put in the cafeteria starting on the first day of school and more than $1000 was raised in just two weeks. The Student Council donated money to the American Red Cross and schools in Baton Rouge, La.
  • Hamilton High School provided nearly $1,500 for hurricane victims, thanks to the generosity of its students and a matching donation from K-Mart. The student newspaper, Troubadour, organized a fund drive for one week in September. Students contributed more than $720 during lunch hours, and K-Mart agreed to provide a matching donation of up to $500. In addition, people attending the Hamilton Homecoming grand march contributed $209 in canisters that were put out.
  • Recognizing the long-term needs that victims of the hurricanes will face, Woodside Elementary School will organize a relief effort later in the year. The school plans to reach out to families temporarily relocated in Milwaukee and a school in the area affected by the hurricanes. Woodside Student Council members are brainstorming ideas on how they can make the effort personal for students.