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Templeton students travel to New York

Several Templeton Middle School students, staff members and parents toured New York City in August. While in the Big Apple, the group visited several sites such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, Museum of Metropolitan Art and Ground Zero. Participants walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, rode the subway, took a cab and strolled through Central Park. Highlights of the trip were visiting Chinatown and the Carnegie Deli, and attending the Broadway show “Stomp” and taking part in the CBS Early Show.

Those who participated in the trip were: Katherine Rashid, Katie Speckin, Molly Storm, Kylee Zarzynski, Leanna Vannarom, Abbie Repinski, Danielle Lehman, Katelyn Putz, Brittany Pavloski, Daniel Thompson, Stephanie Rossman, Andrew Kristensen, Michael Guzman, Kaitlyn Wandel, Patrice Breitbach-Rashid, Kim Speckin, Mary Hunt, Arlyn Clarksen, Alan Schneider, Beth Geisler and Rhonda Watton.