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Hamilton students qualify for state music festival

Hamilton High School music students participated April 30 in the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) State Solo and Ensemble Music Festival held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Students entered as individual soloists, part of an ensemble or both. A WSMA judge rated them on a 1-5 system, with 1 being the best rating.

Those who earned a 1 rating were:

  • Amanda Franzen, Daniel Turkal – trumpet solos;
  • Nicholas Zoulek – jazz improvisation;
  • Nicholas Zoulek, Kyle Giese, Patrick Callen, Jennifer Fidler, Ryan Miracle, Kyle Zylka, Joseph Kramer, Ryan Murray, Hailey Wisner, Sam Link, Amanda Franzen, Daniel Turkal, Kelsey Raffel, Alexander Klett, Desiree Brown, Matthew Dlobik, Alexander Becker – Jazz Ensemble One;
  • Laurie Schmidt and Stephanie Lundquist – clarinet solos;
  • Katherine Mess – sax solo;
  • Amanda Lutz and Matthew Dlobik – duet;
  • Alison Crane and Hannah Johnson – clarinet duet;
  • Jennifer Fidler, Kelsey Raffel – piano solos;
  • Kaitlin Klemencic – musical theatre;
  • Kayla Vogel – soprano solo; and
  • Sarah Buck – flute solo.

Students receiving a 2 rating were:

  • Brenna Pratt, Kara Wisniewski, Chelsea Gustafson, Stephanie Maletz – flute solos;
  • Alison Crane – clarinet solo;
  • Jennifer Fidler – sax solo;
  • Hannah Johnson, Alison Crane, Matthew Dlobik, Stephanie Lundquist, Carrie Swick, Lindsey Burleson, Elizabeth Bertucci, Stephanie Thiede, Alex Schwartz, Andrew Jost, Joshua Schwitz, Amy Ringenoldus, Andrea Wenzel, Sarah Warzon – clarinet choir;
  • Amanda Lutz, Erin McLaughlin, Dana Studee, Cailin Iwen, Chelsea Gustafson, Sarah Buck, Kara Wisniewski, Hannah Johnson, Alison Crane, Carrie Swick, Matthew Dlobik, Alex Schwartz, Elizabeth Bertucci, Stephanie Thiede, Joshua Schwitz, Christopher Kern, Nicholas Zoulek, Kyle Giese, Patrick Callen, Valerie Becker, Katherine Mess, Ann Seward – woodwind choir; and
  • Gail Druschke – piano solo

Students receiving a 3 rating were:

  • Desiree Brown, Kelsey Raffel, Jake Minor, Ashley Berens – French horn quartet.