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School evacuated due to small fire

No injuries or damage resulted from a small contained fire in the Metals Lab at Hamilton High School, but students and staff members were evacuated from the building for about 20 minutes today. Students in the combination class of Introduction to Technology and Metals detected smoke at about noon and immediately shut off all the equipment. The fire alarm in the hall was pulled, and in a matter of a few minutes, the school was evacuated.

Lisbon Fire Department officials determined that the fire was caused when sparks from an abrasive saw ignited dirt and debris that was lodged behind a 25-year-old transformer box. The fire was extinguished with one dry-chemical fire extinguisher. The transformer, housed in an enclosed metal box that is about four feet tall and three feet wide, transforms 240 voltage electricity into 120/280 voltage that is used for the metals equipment in the lab..

In addition to the Lisbon Fire Department, the Sussex Fire Department arrived on the scene along with Waukesha County Sheriff’s officers and the Lisbon Police Department.

Some 43 students were in the Metals Lab area along with two Technology Education teachers. There were no reports of smoke inhalation, injuries or damage. The Lisbon Fire Department ventilated the area to eliminate any lingering odor. An electrician checked the electrical system in the area and the room was cleared for use later in the day.

Hamilton Principal David Furrer commended students and staff for the orderly and prompt evacuation.