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Children collect eyeglasses for Lions Club

Maple Avenue Elementary School kindergartners are seeing the results of their first service project of the year – a project that will allow others to see more clearly.

With coordination from their teacher Kristin LaPlante and volunteer Linda Hubble, students participated in the sixth annual Sight Night, sponsored by LensCrafters Foundation in conjunction with Lions Club International and other charities. The kindergartners collected 110 used eyeglasses and sunglasses that will be recycled and hand-delivered to people in developing countries who desperately need them but cannot afford them.

During their Harvest Party Oct. 27, students made special collection containers for the glasses that were used as they trick-or-treated for eyeglasses. Students cheered Nov. 9 when the entire collection was counted.

Following are comments from students who described their project:
— “We had to trick-or-treat for eyeglasses.” – Tommy
— “We made a bucket for the glasses to go in on Friday during our Halloween party.” – Ryan
— “We had to collect them so we can help people that don’t see really good, that need glasses.” – Ben
— “If I couldn’t see I couldn’t look at a library book.” – Noah
— “This is why they need glasses: They are really poor and don’t have money.” – Jeremy
— “If someone doesn’t have glasses they could run into things.” – Veronica