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TMS Math and Science Fair “Wow’s” Judges

Good news for the future is right under our noses!

On Thursday, May 27, 2004, 7th grade students in the advanced math class and the enriched science class nervously waited to present their math and science fair research projects to teams of judges. The kids chose their own topics and spent months researching, experimenting, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. While completing a project was a requirement of both of these classes, one student who was not in either class chose to participate in the fair on his own!

Choosing only three finalists in each category was a difficult task for the judges. The student’s ability to discuss both the current research and the scientific process involved in their projects, as well as information contained in their lab journals and research papers were evaluated. Congratulations to all of these students on a job well done! Special congratulations are in order for the following top three finishers in each category:

1st — Jackie Michl — “The Best White Balance Setting on a Digital Camera”
2nd — Andrea Salus — “The Force is with You”
3rd — Allie Koelbl — “To Mold or Not to Mold”

1st — Halley Greeneway — “Identifying speed & perception of Ambiguous Figures by Gender and Hand Preference”
2nd — Marc Lundquist — “The Angle of Golf”
3rd — Marvin Saccucci — “Soccer Reflexes”

All students participating in fair include:
Anderson, Tony — Christofferson, Andrew — Cornejo, Jose III — Cox, Kristin — Decker, John — Englert, Stephanie — Farley, Bessie — Foster, Arianne — Fricke, Jacob — Geiger, Jake — Greeneway, Halley — Gustafson, Kyle — Guzman, Mike — Heckendorf, Will — Horvath, Tricia — Jose, Breanna — Johnson, Kayla — Koelbl, Allie — Koepnick, Jessica — Kudronowicz, Ellen — Kwiatkowski, Thomas — Larson, Eric — Liang, Betty — Lundquist, Marc — Michl, Jackie — Perego, Billy — Philippi, Gina — Rakow, Liane — Rindfleisch, Holly — Rossman, Stephanie — Ruh, Katie — Runkel, Matt — Saccucci, Marvin — Salus, Andrea — Schaffer, Joe — Schmidt, Ryan — Smaglik, Katie — Storm, Molly — Strait, Alana — Stuth, Alex — Dalzin, Taylor — Taavola, Andrew — Welcenbach, Erin — Zarzynski, Kylee