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Lannon students to Shape Up for fitness

Lannon Elementary School will participate May 12 in the Shape Up Wisconsin Kids event that is being held across the state. The school’s goal is to have 100 percent of its students involved in 30 minutes of consecutive aerobic activity. Think of it as a 30-minute recess during which every child in the school is jumping, running, walking or performing some other physical activity.

Students will attempt to meet the all-school participation challenge beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the Gymnasium at Lannon Elementary School, 7145 N. Lannon Rd., in Lannon.

Shape Up Wisconsin Kids is a one-day event that takes place in Wisconsin schools every May in conjunction with National Health and Fitness Week. Its purpose is to inform children about the benefits of physical fitness and to show them that it’s easy and fun to be physically active every day. A team from Lannon organized the school’s event which includes an aerobic work-out featuring Hamilton High School football players and pom pon squad members.

If Lannon achieves 100-percent participation, it will be entered into a statewide drawing to win a cash award of $5,000, $3,000 or $1,000. Three winning schools will be drawn on May 14 at noon.