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World languages educator presents program Feb. 5

World languages presenter Uwe Kind will focus on the French, German and Spanish languages Feb. 5 at 9 a.m. as he leads an exciting, interactive program for Hamilton High School students. Uwe helped develop SingLing, a language learning technique based on familiar tunes, while at Harvard University.

In addition to his role in developing SingLing, Kind works with LingoTech, a teaching tool that incorporates modern dance music, fusing melody, rhythm, drama movement and language phrases. LingoTech builds on the premise that music helps language students with memorization, intonation and pronunciation.

Kind, originally from Germany, worked as a German teacher in New York City. He received his undergraduate degree and masters degrees from Harvard University. He published four SingLing books which are used by students and teachers worldwide as a fun and effective way to learn conversational German, Spanish, and English.

Uwe’s appearance is sponsored by Hamilton’s Club Unique in cooperation with the World Languages Department. The program commemorates the works of Martin Luther King, Jr., who promoted connection between all people regardless of their race, color, culture, economic status or beliefs. King also emphasized the importance of crossing barriers such as language and culture to understand one another.

The program will be in the gymnasium at Hamilton High School, W220 N6151 Town Line Rd., Sussex.