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Lannon offer students lunchtime entertainment

Lannon Elementary School students will have a new dining experience Oct. 29 as their normal school cafeteria is transformed into the Cardinal Café.

In addition to a calm, inviting dining atmosphere — complete with tablecloths, dimmed lights and battery-operated candles on each table — students will have the opportunity to go outside for recess as usual or enjoy entertainment. Fourth and fifth grade students will entertain younger patrons of the café, showcasing their musical, dramatic, comical and assorted other talents on stage.

The idea for Cardinal Café is an offshoot of the school’s site planning in which the phrase “Make ‘em never want to miss a day,” characterized the atmosphere that the staff wanted to maintain for students. Lannon music teacher Sara Hockerman and library media specialist Jane Rintelman coordinated the event with help from library aide June Preston, custodian Greg Hart and even Hockerman’s father.

Entertainment in the Cardinal Café is from 11:40 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. If the inaugural event is a success, staff members plan to open the café once a month.

Lannon Elementary School is located at 7145 N. Lannon Rd., Lannon.