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Earth Balloon to come to Templeton

Templeton Middle School students will learn the answers to intriguing questions about the world September 30 when the Earth Balloon is scheduled to take center stage at their school. Students will find out why seashells are found on Himalayan mountaintops, the Earth’s crust is cracked and Icelanders can swim outdoors in winter.

Earth Balloon is a 20-foot, hand-painted, inflatable globe in which whole classes will enter through a zippered doorway to see the world from the inside out. Sitting on Antarctica, Templeton explorers will view in a continuous panorama of the world’s parched desert browns, rainforest greens, cold tundra grays and sapphire oceans. Tour directors from WhereAbouts, Inc. — a Highland Park, Ill., company that provides geography enrichment programs – will facilitate the Earth Balloon experience.

Templeton Middle School is located at N59 W22490 Silver Spring Dr., Sussex.