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Hamilton prepares for traffic changes

As Hamilton High School anticipates its new fine arts-learning center, school officials are asking parents, students and community members to be prepared for traffic flow changes in the upcoming school year. Workers began building the fine arts-learning center which is scheduled to be completed in fall of 2004. During the construction, high school administrators established procedures to ensure a safe traffic flow throughout the year. Among them are:

Student drivers:

  • Students with a parking permit will use the service drive east of Christ Our Savior Church on Silver Spring Road to enter and exit the regular student parking lot.
  • Students should leave for school 10 minutes earlier than normal to arrive on time
    for class.


  • Parents dropping off students will use the north high school entrance on Town Line Road to enter and exit school.
  • A turn-around area will be in front of school.


  • Buses also will use the north entrance off Town Line Road and will drop off students behind the building in the science and technology education areas.
  • Buses will exit the west service road by Templeton Middle School.

Evening events:

  • Drivers should enter off Silver Spring Road east of Christ Our Savior Church and continue to the service road between Templeton and Hamilton for evening events.

“It’s an exciting time at Hamilton High School with construction of our new fine arts learning center underway.” said Hamilton Principal David Furrer. “If we all approach the start of school with patience and understanding, we believe the new traffic procedures will be a workable solution during construction at Hamilton.”