Facts & figures

Student achievement is the highest priority in the Hamilton School District. Facts & Figures presents information about student and school performance. Other important information, such as financial data, class size policy and enrollments, is included in this section.

In addition, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction compiles data about public school performance including:

  • Wisconsin School District Performance Report
    Find information about ACT, AP, retention, achievement tests, attendance, dropouts, truancy, high school completion, post-grad plans and more. With ability to compare district to others.
  • Accountability Report Cards
    The Department of Public Instruction produces report cards for every district and school in Wisconsin. These Accountability Report Cards include data on multiple indicators for multiple years for student achievement, student growth, closing gaps and on-track and postsecondary readiness.
  • WISEdash
    A data portal that uses “dashboards,” or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools. Data are available by school, district or state and can be filtered by a variety of demographics including grade level, gender, race, ethnicity, economic status, disability, English proficiency and migrant status.
  • ESSA reports
    The federal education law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is intended to identify schools most in need of support and improvement, however the Department of Public Instruction reports results for all public schools. The ESSA Accountability Reports along with the statewide identification data are publicly reported on this DPI link.