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Asbestos, Air Quality

The district complies with state and federal regulations concerning asbestos and indoor air quality management. The district has accomplished the following compliance mandates regarding the administration of asbestos in school buildings: Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. (EMC) was the school’s consultant for asbestos for the school year, all asbestos materials are kept in good condition as part its Operations and Maintenance Program, surveillance in each area containing asbestos is completed every six months, buildings are re-inspected by an EPA-accredited inspector every three years and an independent laboratory analyzes building material samples. In the past year, the district removed floor tile in Hamilton High School’s teacher lunch area.

Any Hamilton School District employee or resident may, upon request, view the management plan for any school by requesting an appointment through the Business Office at (262) 246-1973. Requests for viewing will be honored within seven days of request, and copies will be available within 30 days of request. A duplication fee is payable in advance.