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Application for In-District Transfer

Application deadline Feb. 1, subject to annual review that may require re-approval

Students shall attend the elementary school designated for their attendance area, except as follows (a parent/guardian may request an in-district transfer in these instances):

  • When a family moves within the district during the second semester, they may choose to continue enrollment for the balance of that school year at the school attended immediately before the move.
  • Students having physical handicaps, special education needs, or other physical or emotional problems, present exceptions which need to be handled individually through the Special Services Office where appropriate and handled consistent with legal requirements.
  • Families residing in school attendance area requiring special child care arrangements outside the elementary school area may, with approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Organizational Development, apply for enrollment at another school.
  • Individual family or student circumstances or preferences shall be considered on an individual basis and approved when they meet district guidelines or procedures.
  • A student’s residence for purposes of Board policy and this rule shall be his/her residence at the time of application for enrollment.
  • A transfer would achieve more equitable class-size balance throughout the district, within district policy and regulation limits.
  • A transfer would allow the student to complete grade 4 in currently enrolled school after a change of residence within the district.
  • There was an in-district change of residence during the school year and when the affected class is below current class-size policy and regulation limits.

The following conditions apply to parent/guardian-initiated transfer requests:

  • The district will provide no transportation except as required by law for students attending schools outside of their assigned home school attendance area.
  • All transfers out of designated elementary school attendance areas are subject to availability of space and staff.
  • The district shall reserve the right to set quotas or take any other action to ensure staffing efficiency and safe and efficient facility utilization. It shall also reserve the right to take measures as may be necessary to maintain a reasonable enrollment balance among the schools.
  • Procedures and timelines pertaining to transfers shall be established by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Organizational Development and be communicated to parent/guardians and students in a timely manner.
  • The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Organizational Development shall maintain a record of all parent/guardian-initiated transfers.
  • All student transfers are subject to annual review and may require re-approval.
  • Every effort will be made to keep siblings together.
  • No more than one transfer will be allowed in any school year under this provision, except for those resulting from change of residence.

Transfer requests granted under this provision are only for the school year in which the written request is made. All student transfers are subject to annual review and may require re-approval. If re-approval is required, families will be contacted in spring to re-apply.

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