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Community 7-Day positive average & postive cases in schools

Below are two sets of data. The first is the 7-day positive averages for all people who live within the Hamilton School District boundaries provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The district will closely monitor this data and reserves the right to reassess a mask mandate if the positive 7-day average rises above 9.5 cases for three consecutive days. Should positive cases in the district rise above the 9.5 positive case threshold, requirements for the wearing of masks could vary based on grade level.

The second column is the number of positive cases in schools using the most recent available. For privacy reasons, if the number of positive cases is 1-4, it is reported as *.

Update Nov. 8, 2021 – The number of positive COVID-19 cases in the schools and community has increased in November, and absenteeism is rising. The threshold of three consecutive days of the community’s positive 7-day average reached above 9.5 cases. From Nov. 9 until Nov. 29, all students, staff and visitors at all schools must wear masks while inside unless engaged in strenuous activity.

Community positive
7-day average
Positive cases in schools
Previous averages
– Nov. 18 – 17.57
– Nov. 19 – 16.00
– Nov. 20 – 16.29
– Nov. 21 – 16.29
– Nov. 22 – 16.29
– Nov. 23 – 14.29
– Nov. 24 – 14.43
– Nov. 25 – 16.86
– Nov. 26 – 14.43
– Hamilton High – 8
– Templeton – *
– Silver Spring – 6
– Lannon – *
– Maple Avenue – 8
– Marcy – 6
– Woodside – *
– Willow Springs – *
Total – 38

Plan for the 2021-22 school year

At its Aug. 16 meeting, the Hamilton School Board accepted administrative recommendations for the start of school. The district will start the school year strongly recommending that students and staff wear masks, and will reassess the situation if the 7-day positive COVID cases raise above 9.5. The decision was made using data of positive COVID cases among all individuals living in the district. 

Other components of the plan for 2021-22 include:

  • monitoring to ensure that the choice to wear or not wear a mask is respected while in school; 
  • following federal regulations that mandate mask use on buses;
  • asking students and staff to self-monitor for symptoms, stay home if they are sick and not return until they are symptom-free for 24 hours or secure a negative COVID test;
  • continuing multiple mitigation efforts such as increased air exchange and filtration, frequent hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, signage and communication;
  • offering emergency remote learning for student who are in isolation or quarantined due to COVID; 
  • notifying families and staff if they have had school-based exposure to a confirmed COVID-positive person. Students and staff who do not have COVID symptoms will not need to quarantine, but must self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days after exposure;
  • using school attendance, school disease and community and regional data to determine responsive steps;
  • implementing best practices in food service such as no-touch student ID barcode at point of sale, no shared utensil food stations, individually wrapped condiments, staggered cafeteria arrival time and spacing out of tables;
  • allowing visitors in school with expectations that they self-screen for symptoms; and
  • resuming student activities in person and following Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association guidelines for high school sports.