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COVID-19 Response Page


How the district will handle COVID-19 cases

Families should continue to notify schools if their children have COVID-19. The district handles COVID-19 cases in the following ways:

  • Positive cases – Isolate for 5 days from symptom onset or test date if asymptomatic, may return on Day 6 if symptoms are improving and must wear a mask until Day 10 (return on Day 11 if not wearing a mask.) Please work with the district nurses to get return dates and restrictions.
  • Household close contacts – Vaccinated asymptomatic individuals may attend school, those unvaccinated should quarantine for five days from the last date of contact with the positive case.
  • Notification of close contacts at school – When absentee rates exceed 15% due to similar symptoms in a school, classroom or grade, the county health department will be contacted. Families will be notified of classroom exposure when absences exceed 15% in an elementary classroom, Silver Spring or Templeton house or Hamilton High population. The district’s COVID-19 response page will continue to provide daily total cases in the schools.

Testing– Questions about COVID-19 testing? If providing test results is required to return to school, the tests must be supervised and confirmed by a certified medical provider or testing site. Most at home testing kits do not meet this standard. If someone is demonstrating symptoms and needs to confirm a positive case or hoping to return to school with a negative test, please plan to get a PCR test through your medical provider or a testing site. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has posted a fact sheet about at-home testing.

Face masks – Face masks will be highly recommended in our schools, but no longer required. Waukesha County Public Health Department shared with schools what it is seeing in the area, which follows national trends. Data show that the risks of COVID-19 in the community are less severe than they were a year ago and the current wave is beginning to wane. We now have good tools to protect people from the virus including vaccinations, treatments for those who are sick, extensive testing resources and a solid understanding of the virus and how it spreads. Currently, 67.9% of Waukesha County’s total population and 71.6% of those eligible to be vaccinated have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

Learn about district plans for federal funds, provide feedback

Hamilton School District is applying for federal funds to address the impact of COVID-19 on student learning. As part of the process, a presentation has been created with details about how the funding can be used. One of the last slides has a link that allows families, students, staff and community members to provide feedback on the district’s plans on how the funds will be used.


Positive cases in schools
– Hamilton High – *
– Templeton – *
– Silver Spring – *
– Lannon – 0
– Maple Avenue – 0
– Marcy – 0
– Woodside – *
– Willow Springs – 0
Total – 10

Initial plan for operating during the 2021-22 school year

The Hamilton Schiool District started the school year strongly recommending that students and staff wear masks. Masks were required several times between late September and January when the 7-day positive COVID cases rose above 9.5 positive COVID cases among all individuals living in the district.

Other components of the 2021-22 school year plan included:

  • monitoring to ensure that the choice to wear or not wear a mask is respected while in school; 
  • following federal regulations that mandate mask use on buses;
  • asking students and staff to self-monitor for symptoms, stay home if they are sick and not return until they are symptom-free for 24 hours or secure a negative COVID test;
  • continuing multiple mitigation efforts such as increased air exchange and filtration, frequent hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, signage and communication;
  • offering emergency remote learning for student who are in isolation or quarantined for six or more days due to COVID; 
  • using school attendance, school disease and community and regional data to determine responsive steps;
  • implementing best practices in food service such as no-touch student ID barcode at point of sale, no shared utensil food stations, individually wrapped condiments, staggered cafeteria arrival time and spacing out of tables;
  • allowing visitors in school with expectations that they self-screen for symptoms; and
  • resuming student activities in person and following Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association guidelines for high school sports.