Woodside students compete at Bucks Math Hoops state tournament

Woodside Elementary School students Connor Wasserburger and Cooper Carlson in Susan Schramka’s fifth grade math class competed March 8 in the Bucks Math Hoops state tournament.WDS—Math-Hoops-Carlson-Wasserburger-Schramka-web

Math Hoops is a fast-paced board game and mobile app that teaches students fundamental math skills through the basketball statistics of their favorite NBA and WNBA players.

Schramka signed up her mathematics enrichment class this fall. After playing 25 games, Wasserburger and Carlson emerged as class champions, qualifying them for the state tournament where 80 students in grades 4-8 competed at the Milwaukee Bucks Training Center.

The competition involved rolling dice to get two numbers that contestants add, subtract, multiply and divide within a 24-second shot clock. The Woodside champions played a three-game round robin where they went 3-0, but did not score enough points to move to the next level of competition. At the tournament, Bucks’ center Brook Lopez and mascot Bango visited with students.