Woodside Site Plan

Woodside Mission Statement

Woodside School is a community of reflective learners that recognizes the differences and challenges all to achieve academic and social successes.Our accomplishments are celebrated in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Trust, respect, personal value and researched best practices contribute to lifelong learning for all.

Focus on growth through:

  • Potential
  • Lifelong learning
  • Collaboration

Value statements

  • We share a common mission and vision for our school.
  • We teach for understanding.
  • We assess to determine student progress toward identified learning goals and to provide feedback for adjusting instruction to improve student learning.
  • We work collaboratively to incorporate researched best practices into our teaching.
  • We use evidence of results to guide our efforts toward continuous improvement.
  • We clearly identify essential learning outcomes for each grade level and align our teaching practices to help all students achieve those outcomes.
  • We are committed to life-long learning and high-quality work.
  • We prepare students to be creative problem solvers who can be flexible and adapt to a changing world.
  • We create learning environments where individuals feel safe and secure and are recognized, valued, and respected for their unique qualities and accomplishments.
  • We trust each other to accept different points-of-view and to work for conflict resolution through open, honest dialog in a public forum.
  • We encourage individuals to accept responsibility for their own learning, decisions, and actions.
  • We value/recognize, share, and celebrate both individual and group success and accomplishments.

Site Plan Tactics

Tactic #1
Students will experience social and emotional growth leading to academic success at Woodside School through the strong and nurturing relationship established among all students, all staff and all families.

Tactic #2
Students will demonstrate confidence and academic success when they engage in classroom instruction based on best practice; Students who continue to struggle will achieve success through differentiated instruction and intervention to meet their individual needs in mathematics and literacy.

Subcommittees: Math, Literacy, RTI, Technology