Woodside Elementary School profile


W236 N7465 Woodside Road
Sussex, WI 53089
Phone (262) 820-1530
Fax (262) 820-0314

Principal: James Edmond, Jr.
Associate Principal: Tara Villalobos
Student enrollment: 693
Total employees: 71
Certified staff: 51
Classroom teachers: 31
Guidance counselors: 1
Library / media specialist: 1
Reading specialist: 1
Starting time: 8:35 a.m.
Ending time: 3:25 p.m.
Mascot: Timberwolf
School colors: navy blue and grey

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Woodside Elementary School, a beautiful building on a hilltop setting, is an exciting place where children learn and grow. Providing academic excellence while nurturing the whole child summarizes the focus of this professional learning community. Staff, students and parents work together to create a strong community that encourages enthusiasm for teamwork, continuous growth and learning for children and adults.

The first school built in the Hamilton School District since 1969, Woodside opened its doors to students on Aug. 17, 1999. The 82,000 square-foot building is designed to enhance learning with access to technology and learning resources. Classrooms are clustered by grade with shared breakout areas equipped with computers. These clusters allow flexibility in grouping and instruction. The library is central to learning areas. The design allows students ready access to information and materials. Woodside has two fully equipped computer labs and a large group area for instructional activities and programs.

Woodside has 30 homeroom classes with four or six sections of each grade. A full-time and a half-time reading specialist, media specialist, math specialist, guidance counselor and district social worker support students. Special programs at the school serve students with cognitive, emotional and learning disabilities, as well as speech-language needs. Students with special education needs are educated in a fully inclusive instructional model that allows them to spend as much of their day as possible with regular education classmates.

Parents are important at Woodside. An active Home and School group provides volunteers and extra funding for special activities including assemblies, field trips, classroom assistance and the book fair. In 2004, the Home and School completed a playground expansion project and, with help from the Hamilton Education Foundation, sponsored an inspiring author-in-residence program.

Parent and senior citizen volunteers provide guidance and assistance in the health room, lunchroom, library-media center, computer labs, school store and classrooms. Parent programs range from introductory experiences each fall to specialized grade level events. Family events, such as Book Tasting, provide literary experiences throughout the year. In 2005, Woodside was selected to become an Arts in Community Education (ACE) school in partnership with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Woodside’s Site Plan focuses efforts and activities to promote student learning and achievement. Goals are to enhance respect and ownership within the school community; increase problem-solving activities to strengthen critical thinking skills in math; and help students communicate effectively, especially in writing.

Many exciting activities promote the school’s goals. Students participate in Service & Spirit events that help others and create a sense of community. Serving in the School Store or on Student Council are among leadership opportunities. A focus on writing inspired creation of a mini-literary magazine for young authors. The annual science fair exhibit and various grade level musical programs throughout the year give students a chance to demonstrate their learning to family and friends.