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Seniors and Students Scoop

Woodside interview program

Thanks to those of you who signed up to embark on a new adventure in volunteering this year with Kelly Flanagan. Here are a few details:

All interviews take place at Woodside Elementary School. Please DO NOT arrive prior to 12:30 p.m. and no later than 12:45 p.m.

November 2: Get to know you interview. Students will be learning to ask FAT questions (more than yes or no questions, plus follow-up questions). They’ll be producing a newspaper with the information they gather and will mail the newspaper to you toward the end of November. That mailing will also contain information for the December interview.

December 13: Travel Wisconsin! Students will be interviewing you about your favorite places to travel in Wisconsin. They’ll want to know what you saw and did in these special places. Students will be learning how to “quote” what you say and work it into a travel brochure. They’ll also do additional research on the places you tell them about. Once the travel brochures are complete, they’ll share them with you.

March 22 (with back-up date the first week in April): Compare and contrast. Students will be asking what life was like in 4th grade or elementary school for you. Then they’ll put it together in a paper that will be shared with you. They’ll utilize a Venn diagram for this interview.

January, February and April: Students will write a friendly letter.

Your part: please respond to all correspondence that is sent. When students share their finished projects, please respond with a thank you for sharing and what you like about the project. (Teachers will have already graded these projects, so there is no need to offer critique of the project). And please include a brief update of what is happening in your life. Even though this will be a somewhat one-sided conversation, it will give students information for when they send their friendly letters.

There is no need to bring anything but yourself to the interviews.