Tornado warning response plan

The Hamilton School District has a tornado response plan that is practiced regularly to keep students and staff safe. If severe weather approaches, school staff monitor weather reporting services and implement the plan if a tornado warning is issued.

In addition to the steps the school will implement in case of a tornado warning, parents are asked observe the following safety protocol to keep their children safe.

  • Refrain from coming to school to pick up your children until after a tornado warning has passed. It is much safer for you and your children to be inside a building, rather than in a vehicle or outside, should a tornado approach.
  • If a tornado warning is issued at the end of the school day, dismissal will be delayed until the warning has passed. In that case, an automated message will be sent as soon as practical.
  • Outdoor activities will not be held during a tornado warning.
  • Afterschool activity coaches and advisors will implement the school’s response plan during a tornado warning. Students will be in sheltered areas of the building and may be late from practice.
  • Parents will be asked to seek shelter with the afterschool Y-Care program if they are picking up their children during a tornado warning.
  • Be sure your information is up to date in Infinite Campus in case emergency messages are sent.