Templeton Middle School Vision

We, as a staff, believe that:

Templeton Middle School is, and must continue to be, a nurturing place that recognizes all needs of the middle level learner, not only from an intellectual viewpoint, but also from the perspective of positive emotional and social development that student achievement and successful academic experiences for all students is our primary goal, that the curriculum we provide to our students should be activity based, stressing the interrelationships between content areas and relevant to real world experiences and the needs and interests of our students, that technology and its use must be curricularly integrated, and challenge our students to be increasingly technologically literate as they continue their education.

Finally, Templeton has been, and must continue to be, an educational environment that is welcoming to our total school community, students, staff, parents and community members.

Templeton Middle School Site Plan Tactics 2007-2012

Students will increase literacy skills and competencies across all content areas.

Students will develop critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills in order to become productive citizens in our global society.

Students will increase their emotional intelligence and individual resiliency skills to be increasingly successful young adults.