Templeton holds successful Math and Science Fair

Templeton Middle School mathematicians and scientists had an opportunity to show their abilities in May during the Templeton Math and Science Fair. A panel of 12 judges evaluated 58 experiments presented by students in the seventh and eighth grade enriched science classes and seventh grade advanced mathematics class.

All students were recognized at a well-attended awards ceremony where they were commended for the diverse subject matter of their projects, thorough and well-researched understanding of their topics, advanced mathematical and scientific thought, and ability to present research in a confident and articulate manner.

Top honors in this year’s fair went to:

  • Shaye Adams for “The Effects of Color on Blood Pressure”; and
  • Jackie Mich for “MP3 Compression.”

Second place winners were:

  • Matt Kline for “The Effects of Lateral Motion on a Catapult Launch”; and
  • Nick Rashid for “Destined to Fly.”

The following students by earned third place through honorable mention:

  • Amanda Wagner for “Need for Speed?”;
  • Katelyn Youngblood for “Proving the Koch Theory”;
  • Briana Botros for “Standard Way vs. Napier’s Rods”;
  • Darren Lussow for “Hoop!!! There It Is!”;
  • Katie Klein for “Controlling Type 1 Diabetes vs. Canine Diabetes”;
  • Corie Spankowski for “Tri-Colorability of Knots”;
  • Jenna Harvestine for “Can You or Can You Knot? Relating Knots to Teaching”;
  • Andrea Salus for “Plant Exhaustion”;
  • Theresa Selestow for “Making $1 Million is Child’s Play”; and
  • Mick Swartzendruber for “Refrigerators Weaken Magnets.”