Grade 1 class schedule

Students in Grade 1 during 2018-19 school year

X = Time class is offered

Class descriptions

Class title Grades 8:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Art Fun 1-3 X X X
Basketball Beg. 1-2 X
Book Cooks 1-2 X X X
Book Creations 1-2 X  X
Card Smart 1-2 X
Cheerleading and Poms Beg. 1-2 X X
Coding for Kids 1-2 X
Drama 1-4 X X
Flag Rugby 1-2 X
Football 1-2 X X X
French Beg. 1-3 X
Fun with Origami! 1-8 X X X
German Beg. 1-3 X X
iMath Games 1-3 X X
It’s Story Time 1-2 X X X
Kickball 1-3 X X X
Math Fun 1-2 X X X
Phy Ed Fun 1-3 X X X
Science Exploration 1-2 X X X
Scrapbooking 1-3 X X X
Soccer Fun 1-2 X X X
Spanish Beg. 1-2 X X X
Track and Field 1-3 X X X
Wrestling/Grappling 1-2 X

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