Templeton Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report an absence?
Call (262) 246-6477 x4150 by 8 a.m. or email templetonattendance@hamilton.k12.wi.us.

Cell phone use
Students with cell phones should have them turned off and kept in their lockers. If a student needs to call home, they may come to the front office to make a phone call. If your child doesn’t feel well, they should go to the Health Room (not call or text parent) and the supervisor there will call the parent.

My child has an appointment and needs to leave school early, what do I do?
The parent/guardian should call the attendance line at (262) 246-6477  x4150 (or press 1) and leave a message indicating what time you will pick them up and who is picking them up. A pass will be issued. Or you may email the attendance department at templetonattendance@hamilton.k12.wi.us indicating the same information. Please come inside the front office to pick up your child. Students should never leave the building except through the front office. For your child’s safety, we always need to see who is taking them out of the building.

My child needs to ride someone else’s bus for one day, what do I do?
Your child will bring a note (written and signed by you, the parent) to the office before 1st hour indicating the date, your child’s grade and name of the student whose bus your child will be riding on. A pass will be issued and your child should pick it up from the main office at lunch.

My child needs to take medicine at school, what do I do?
Complete the Medication Permission form, found on the district website or get a form from the front office. Parents must bring medicine to school – it cannot be sent with your child. Doctors need to sign the Medication Permission form if it is a prescription.

My child needs to be excused from Fitness Education, what do I do?
Please have a written medical excuse from your physician and send it to the health room.

How do I sign up for clubs/sports/activities?
Students will hear information during morning announcements for sign up dates & times. Information is also available on the daily written announcements on the TMS webpage. Sign up forms are located in the office. Each activity requires a separate form & payment check. Parents are required to view the athletic PowerPoint found on the Templeton home page of the district website. All sports will require the Concussion and head injury information form/2013 Wisconsin Act 93 permission form. This is only required one time per school year.

Is there an activity bus?
Activity buses will only run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students in athletics or co-curricular activities. There is no cost to ride and students must sign up that day in the front office. Students MUST have a valid reason for staying. The bus will leave promptly at 4:30 p.m. outside the main gym doors.

A few more important items:

  • District website: www.hamilton.k12.wi.us
  • School phone number: (262) 246-6477
  • School fax number: (262) 246-0465