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Marcy’s Computerized Lunch Account System

How the system works

The Hamilton School District uses a computerized debit lunch program. This accounting system allows parents to send a check to school to pay for their children’s lunches or make deposits online in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to their child’s lunch account.

It is very important that each family direct its attention to the hot lunch balances of their children. Accounts carrying a balance of $11 or less will be cause for an automated phone call to the household to remind you to replenish the account with money. Because the system is “cashless” at the point of sale, all family accounts must be pre-paid a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If your child doesn’t have enough money in their account to pay for lunch, they will be given an Emergency Lunch at the cost of $3.60. You will be notified when this occurs and will be asked to send in cash or check made payable to the Hamilton School District in the amount of $3.60 to repay the Emergency Lunch account.

All balances will carry over to the next school year and will follow students from one school within the district to another as the student advances in grade. Refund of the balance will be issued only if requested in writing.

Two ways to pay

    The Hamilton School District offers the option of making deposits for your child’s hot lunch account using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. This is an electronic transfer of money from your bank account to your child’s lunch account.

    To use this option go to the district website and under the “Info Center” portion of the site, click on the Infinite Campus icon which will direct you to log in to your Campus Parent Portal account.

    Using the Payment tab on the left side, you will be able to make a deposit online from your bank account.

    A check made payable to the Hamilton School District or cash may be sent to the school office enclosed in a plain envelope with the student’s name and “Lunch Money” written on the envelope. Unlabeled, unsecured loose cash will not be accepted.

What is for lunch?

A copy of the current month’s hot lunch menu can be found on our website at

Lunch prices

Elementary Daily : $2.60 includes milk
Elementary Adult : $3.60 includes milk
Milk : 35 cents

Students who bring their own lunches and wish to purchase milk from the cafeteria can do so by using $.35 cash or by using the computer debit system, have it deducted from their lunch account balance.

How are lunches purchased

Each student has a unique Lunch Box account number. As the student goes through the lunch line the student enters his or her lunch box account number into a keypad at which time the purchase price will be subtracted from their total lunch account balance. To avoid a wrong account being charged, a photo verification of each child is made at the time of purchase.

Free and reduced lunch program

Parents who have children eligible for participation in the federal free or reduced lunch program should complete an application available on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. From the menu on the left, select Applications/Forms. Select Meal Benefits Application. If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the application, you can print one off of the district website: or request one from your school office. Applications are accepted anytime during the school year. Applications from the previous school year expire in mid-September and must be completed at the start of the next school year to keep benefits current. Strict confidentiality is assured with this procedure.

School lunch visitors

Parents, grandparents and other school visitors are welcome to join their children for lunch as long as they notify the school office at (262) 781-8283. A lunch for a visitor needs to be called in to be ordered no later than 9 a.m. that morning.