Maple Avenue Attendance Matters

Reporting a student absence

The Maple Avenue Attendance Line is available and accessible 24 hours a day.

  • Call the main office number at (262) 246-4220; press 1 at the outgoing message.
  • Clearly state your child’s name, grade, teacher, reason for absence and your relationship to the student. Request homework, if desired, at this time.
  • District policy requires all students to turn in a written note to the teacher signed by the parent/guardian upon the student’s return to school. Be sure to have your child’s name and teacher on the note.

NOTE: Please do not leave messages for students to leave school during the day on the Attendance Line. This line is for reporting absences only at the start of the day.

Homework requests

  • When leaving a message on the attendance line, please request homework, if needed.
  • Homework requests must be received by 10 a.m.
  • Homework can be sent home with a sibling or neighbor or picked up in the office or in the homework rack across from the office.

Leaving school for any reason

  • Please send a note with your child stating the date and time your child needs to leave and the reason. Include the full name of the person who will pick your child up.
  • If the student is returning to school after an appointment etc., please have your child report to the office and sign in.
  • Any student who leaves school must be signed out in the office by a parent, guardian or by a parent approved designated adult.

Vacation requests

  • Vacations are pre-planned absences of one day or more (not including appointments, funerals, etc.)
  • Family vacation request forms must be completed at least one week prior to the vacation and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Please submit the completed form to your child’s teacher or the office for the principal’s approval and signature.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (262) 246-4220.