Trap Shooting Club

Advisor: Mr. Premo

Season:  March through early June

The newly formed co-ed Hamilton Charger Trap team is part of the Scholastic Clays Target Program (SCTP).  Trap shooting is a shotgun activity in which the trap shooter stands 16 yards from the “trap house” and shoots targets that fly out front at various angles. Each shooter will use five stations during each round. This provides a variety of shooting angles and 25 shots per round. We will compete against other high schools in a number of matches and tournaments, including the state tournament in June. Athletic letters will be awarded based on a point system.  Members will learn and follow the safe gun handling Code of Conduct and proper shooting techniques.  Participants supply their own 12 gauge shotgun, shell safety glasses and hearing protection for each practice and competition. Practices will take place at a local Gun Club in the evenings. No firearms are allowed at school.