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Supermileage Club

Advisors: Mr. Mamerow, Mr. Premo, Mr. McLaughlin

This organization gives students the opportunity to apply a real world engineering problem. Students design, build, and test a real vehicle that is run on closed road courses such as Road America! The goal of this challenge is to design and build a vehicle that will travel the farthest in one hour under 67 pounds of batteries, or run on fuel for hundreds of miles per gallon. Every aspect about this vehicle is designed, built and tested by the team from scratch! Students will meet weekly for worknights to work on their vehicles and prepare for challenge days in the spring. Worknights are long to allow students flexibility in their personal schedules to make time for this organization. Students in sports can still come in the evening to work after practice, and those students that study a lot can stay in for a couple hours after school before going home to study or work.