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Student Council

Advisor: Ms. Draeger

This organization is the student governing body in the high school. The purpose is to represent the student views and concerns regarding their rights and responsibilities, to establish good communication between the administration and the students, to promote and develop more school spirit and loyalty, to keep the pupil-faculty relationship at its best, to stimulate the American ideals of self-government and democratic citizenship, and to strive to ensure the welfare of the school.

Hamilton currently has an open council and strongly encourages any interested student to join.  Elections for officer positions are held in the spring for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Activities include homecoming activities, Spirit Week plans, food drives, charitable fund-raisers, blood drives, teacher and student morale boosters, dances and other activities, Greater Metro Conference Student Council activities and other school and community activities, as ideas are presented. Student Council will also support other clubs and organizations that need help in planning and financing an activity. A member of Student Council will attend School Board meetings and promote communication between the two groups. Student Council has official meetings once a month for the distribution of information and gathering of ideas. Additional meetings are required during the summer and prior to major events such as Homecoming.