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Safety Week designated the week of Sept. 27

Hamilton School District and each elementary school take the safety and well-being of our students, staff and community seriously. To ensure that our learning community is confident in our safety procedures, we have designated the week of  September 27 – October 1 as our Safety Week. Elementary schools have included information below so that you are aware of our happenings. You are welcome and encouraged to have a conversation with your child in advance regarding any of the content we will review during Safety Week.

Please note that all of staff are annually trained in ALICE — Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. We make every effort to support students in understanding the need to practice intruder drills in age-appropriate ways that do not evoke a sense of fear but rather a sense of importance. We want the children to know that while a dangerous situation may feel like they do not have any control, there are strategies that can save their lives. Learn more about ALICE training and response steps on its website. 

Throughout the week, schools will review, practice and debrief the steps for fire, tornado and intruder (ALICE) drills.

During Safety Week elementary principals and staff will remind everyone of the following school-wide expectations during a drill:

  • Level 0 so directions can be heard
  • Walking for safety (exceptions discussed in ALICE)
  • Tornado-safe position
  • Expectations for evacuation of site

Classroom teacher responsibilities during this week will be to:

  • Review with all classes where to go for all drills and the tornado-safe position
  • Classroom teachers will review drill locations along with expectations and the tornado safe position. Video link to a reading of I’m Not Scared I’m Prepared book 
  • Reflect on safety drill practice and address student questions

Thank you!

Elementary School Principals
Brian Balfany – Lannon
Katie Ritchie – Maple Avenue
Michele Trawicki – Marcy
James Edmond, Jr., Ph.D. – Woodside