Programs for students with disabilities

In recognizing its educational responsibility for all students in the Hamilton School District, the Board shall provide a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities.

Programs for students with disabilities shall address disabilities covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“the IDEA”) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. IDEA covers the following disabilities:  (1) autism; (2) cognitive disability; (3) emotional behavioral disability; (4) hearing impairment; (5) specific learning disability; (6) orthopedic impairment; (7) other health impairment; (8) significant developmental delay; (9) speech or language impairment; (10) traumatic brain injury; or (11) visual impairment. Section 504 covers the following disabilities: physical or mental impairments that substantially limit a major life activity.

The district shall ensure that all supportive and related services needed to assist an individual student to benefit from special education will be provided including assistive technology as appropriate. Students with disabilities enrolled in private or parochial schools in the district may participate in district special education programs in accordance with state and federal laws.

All district special education programs and the placement of students with disabilities shall be under the direction and supervision of the supervisor of special services, and shall be in accordance with state and federal laws.

For children eligible for special education services under the IDEA, Individual Education Program (“IEPs”) shall be developed and implemented, and IEP Teams shall be established to evaluate the progress of students and to review individual special education needs. The processes used to make decisions concerning special education services are outlined in the Special Education Procedures Handbook. This Handbook is available in the special services office.  The IEP process serves as the basis for determining the student’s academic achievement, functional performance, and annual goals and as the vehicle for making student assessment decisions. Students with disabilities shall participate in academic assessments as required by law and the District, with or without accommodations, or in alternate assessments as outlined in the student’s IEP.

For children eligible for services under Section 504, 504 Plans shall be developed and implemented, and 504 Teams shall be established to evaluate the progress of students and review individual needs.  The Section 504 Procedures are set out in the District’s 504 Procedure Handbook.

Due process safeguards for parental/student rights and appeal within the parameters of state and federal laws governing the operation of programs for students with disabilities shall be adhered to by the district.  The district shall complete all special education report forms and district plans, as required by the Department of Public Instruction.

The Hamilton School District shall not deny any person admission to, participation in, or the benefits of any curricular, extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of a person’s sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, physical, mental, emotional or learning disability, or any other factor prohibited by state or federal laws or regulations. The Hamilton School District specifically prohibits students and staff from discriminating against or harassing others based on any of the characteristics described in this paragraph. Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with established discrimination complaint procedures. This policy does not prohibit placing a student in a school, class, or program based on objective standards of individual need.