Parents can reset their Infinite Campus passwords starting Feb. 9

Parents in the Hamilton School District will soon be able to reset passwords for their Infinite Campus portal without Information Technology staff assistance. The functionality allows parents to create passwords that make sense to them and enables them recover a forgotten password on their own.

Here is what to expect:

  • Parents logging into Infinite Campus beginning Feb. 9 will be prompted to create their security preferences. (Users will have three opportunities beginning Feb. 9 to log in without resetting preferences.)
  • After selecting “Yes” to the prompt, users will be directed to the User Settings editor.
  • A valid security email address must be provided to recover a forgotten password.
  • Users must select eight “Dislike” and eight “Like” images that will be used to confirm their identity during password recovery.
  • After creating security preferences and a new password, users will be able to recover their passwords using the “Forgot Your Password” link.

Please note: The ability to reset Infinite Campus passwords applies only to parents, not students or staff members.