All About Parenting

All About Parenting is a Q & A column written by Hamilton Connects Coordinator Kristin Hasbrook. A school counselor at Hamilton High School, Hasbrook provides responses to common parenting questions. Please contact her if you have a question for her column or to discuss an individual matter. Her phone number is (262) 246-1973 x1128 and e-mail is

Q: What can I do about my kids fighting all the time? It drives me crazy and makes me crabby!
Q: Why should I let my child fail?
Q: My husband and I parent differently. Is that OK or is it harmful to our children?
Q: My son has become friends with kids I have not met before. Although I think he has good judgment, I am uncomfortable with it. When I question him, he just tells me that they are nice. Any ideas on how I deal with this?
Q: School has started and I do not want another one like last year. Homework was a constant struggle. From the minute my child came home until she went to bed, we were fighting. Please give me some suggestions so this year is better.
Q: Prom is coming up and I am nervous about the drinking that may be involved. Any tips on how to deter drinking and keep my child safe?
Q: My child is beginning to talk back and be sassy. I know that is how her friends talk and she thinks it is OK. How do I deal with this? Why is she talking this way?
Q: My eighth grade daughter never talks to me anymore. Is that normal? How do I get her to talk?
Q: Is it normal for my high school daughter to want to live with her dad and his wife? She does not want a relationship with me, her real mother, or her half brother. I don’t know what brought about the change. She won’t talk to me about any real issues; she just says that I stress her out.
Q: I am tired. I feel like I am constantly battling my children. They know the rules. They know the consequences. Even so, they are always testing me. They always want to know why and they argue with my reasons. Do you have any suggestions?
Q: I missed the Hamilton Connects program on Love and Logic, but I am interested in the information that was shared about parenting styles. Would you please explain them?
Q: How do I know if my child is depressed or just going through normal teen behavior?
Q: My child is not responsible. I ask her to do things and she does not follow through. I can’t assume that she will do her homework on her own, turn in slips to her teacher or finish small jobs around the house. I am always checking in on her. How do I get her to become more responsible?
Q: Is it normal for my child to constantly argue with me? Sometimes I feel like I am arguing with a child. Everything is an argument and I am always wrong.
Q: I am at my wits’ end. At the beginning of the school year I decided I would not “nag” or yell at my children. It seems that that worked for a couple of weeks. I worked hard on trying to get my kids on a schedule, but it seems all my hard work has been lost. I am back to yelling, nagging and battling my children. How do I get and stay on track with my kids?
Q: I think my daughter is smoking cigarettes. What can I do to help her to stop?
Q: I want my children to have a good school year. I don’t want to spend every night nagging them about homework and wondering how they are doing in school. Are there any tips you can give me to help my children be more successful in school this year?