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Metrics to Assess COVID-19 Risk Levels

Metrics will assist in determining school operating mode: Face-to-Face, Transitional or Emergency Remote Learning

The Waukesha County Public Health Department announced they will utilize the Harvard Global Health Institute Case Rate Metrics to assess COVID-19 risk levels and suppression. Harvard’s metrics have been well-studied and have also been adapted by many other counties and states for school planning purposes. The framework provides broad guidance on the intensity of control efforts. The information will provide guidance to Waukesha County school districts to determine best school operating mode.

School districts will evaluate other key considerations when making decisions for their district or for individual schools. They include:

Community level indicators

  • The proportion of active cases in school-aged individuals as compared to the entire community (i.e., are cases increasing in high school-aged individuals vs. older adults);
  • Outbreaks or increases at senior living facilities or other congregate living environments that may skew overall active case numbers;
  • The presence of community spread; and
  • The status of Waukesha County’s key indicators including healthcare system capacity and testing availability.

School or district level indicators

  • The number of teachers and staff absent due to COVID-19 or flu-like illness;
  • The number of students absent in a particular classroom, grade, or school due to COVID-19 or flu-like illness;
  • The availability of substitute teachers; and
  • The ability to keep up with contact tracing.

The District will continue to monitor this information on a daily basis to determine if students can continue to meet face-to-face, or will move to either emergency remote virtual learning or transitional learning (a combination of in person and virtual learning) for a designated period of time. Students will remain in either emergency remote learning or transitional learning until the metrics utilized dictate that full face-to-face learning can resume.

Waukesha County dashboard

Dashboard: COVID-19 data for Waukesha County.

All individuals listed as being in the Hamilton School District on the Waukesha County dashboard are not necessarily students enrolled in the district. Some of the counts could be students who are too young to attend, have graduated, may attend private schools or be home schooled. This is because cases are reported by age, not actual enrollment in the district.

* Hamilton School District data will be reported here after school is in session.