Mission & Strategic Plan


Engage. Empower. Achieve.

Mission statement — A statement of the district’s purpose

It is the mission of the Hamilton School District,
a child-centered, progressive, pro-active organization,
to ensure maximum achievement
for each student
through a respectful and active learning environment;
a rigorous, relevant curriculum;
and a highly qualified, caring staff
in concert with our diverse community.


Where learners are

Driven by passion,
Inspired by possibilities and
Committed to excellence

Maximizing achievement for each student

The Hamilton School District has used Strategic Planning since 1991 to meet the community’s expectations for excellent educational programming. Strategic planning concentrates the district’s efforts and resources on specific goals and has been a framework for change. Many exciting accomplishments and successes have been possible because of the efforts put into this process.

The Hamilton School District will maximize the potential of all students based on their needs, abilities and interests through differentiated instruction. Components include comprehensive learner profiles, customized learning paths, rigorous content with high standards and proficiency-based progress.

What we will see in schools

Classrooms that reflect:

  • a deep and shared understanding of students as learners
  • flexible customized learning paths based on the unique needs, interests, strengths and learning style of the student
  • mastery of learning targets serving as the measure of progress rather than seat time
  • supportive, rigorous learning environments and positive, inspiring teaching relationships with students
  • a culture of engagement, a sense of efficacy and excitement about the future

Students who demonstrate:

  • curiosity – desires to learn and understand
  • self-advocacy – takes ownership and responsibility for learning
  • perseverance – understands that learning requires long-term effort to achieve high quality results
  • courage – confidently explores new learning opportunities
  • resilience – persists in learning, grows through adversity, adapts to challenges with effective strategies
  • self-regulation – accepts responsibility for choices, demonstrates self-control, sets and pursues goals

Living Our Beliefs


…meaningful, active involvement

  • spark intellectual curiosity and innovation
  • commit to personal growth
  • promote interactive learning
  • utilize real-life, relevant tasks
  • apply technology as a tool for learning
  • involve parents
  • partner with the community
  • connect culturally and globally


…enabling all to find success

  • believe in self
  • equip with knowledge and skills
  • build mutual trust
  • promote transparency and openness
  • develop perseverance and resiliency
  • overcome obstacles
  • believe in others
  • promote self-advocacy and independence


…reaching our highest potential

  • set and meet goals
  • monitor progress
  • do better today than yesterday
  • inspire and create
  • think critically and solve problems
  • produce quality work
  • demonstrate responsibility
  • build for the future

Objectives — measuring our goals

World class benchmark comparison

  • International OECD/PISA Assessment – Proficiency of high school students increases until Hamilton is in the upper third internationally. (Baseline – 2014-15)

District & state standardized tests

  • Advanced Placement – The number of students enrolled in courses and percentage earning 3 or above on tests increases each year until Hamilton is one of the top three Waukesha County school districts, with an index score of 1.2 or higher on the Challenge Index. (Baseline – class of 2012)
  • ACT – Hamilton composite increases each year until attaining one of top three Waukesha County school districts.
  • (Baseline – class of 2012)
  • Achievement gap – Proficiency levels of special education, poverty, minority and English Language Learner students increases each year until they are congruent with general population.
  • (Baseline – 2012-13 standardized tests)
  • State achievement tests – Percentage of “advanced” and combined “proficient and advanced” ratings increases in all subject areas in grades 4, 8 and 10 until Hamilton School District is in the top three among Waukesha County school districts.
  • (Baseline – 2012-13 school year)

Individual student growth

  • Measures of Academic Progress – Students maintain or exceed their individual growth targets. (Beginning in 2013-14)

State report card standing

  • State School Report Card – Each school and the district ranked as “significantly exceeds expectations.” (Beginning in 2014-15)

Setting goals

  • District survey results by 2015-16
  • Staff – 75 percent elementary, 100 percent high school report assisting students to set goals and monitor their own progress.
  • Students – 50 percent elementary, 75 percent middle and high school report being regularly engaged in goal-setting and monitoring of their own progress.
  • College and career readiness – 100 percent of high school students identify strengths and interests and develop a college and career readiness plan. (Beginning in 2014-15)

Personalized and differentiated instructional practices

  • District instructional practice – Percentage of teachers who report personalizing and differentiating instructional practices increases until 75 percent of staff report it as a regular part of their instruction. (Baseline – 2014-15)
  • Personalized and differentiated instructional practices will be implemented to promote engaged, persevering, responsible learners.
  • (Baseline – 2014-15)

2015-16 Tactics and Action Steps

  1. We will implement personalized and differentiated instructional practices to promote engaged, persevering, responsible learners. Our work will include:
    • increasing professional competencies in personalized instruction;
    • implementing student goal-setting and learner profiles; and
    • developing a systematic plan for implementing rapid-cycle feedback with students for 2016-17.
  2. We will use universal screeners and specific progress monitoring tools to assess students’ response to selected and intensive interventions and assist in closing achievement gaps.
  3. We will design and construct a classroom space to support education activities at Hamilton High School.
  4. We will utilize effective two-way communication practices to promote understanding support and involvement of our famillies, community and staff in strategic priorities and initiatives.
  5. We will research and provide professional development for the knowledge and skills staff need to engage and empower students, differentiate instruction and ensure continuous progress to promote increased achievement.