Marcy Elementary School profile


W180 N4851 Marcy Road
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Phone (262) 781-8283
Fax (262) 781-6028

Principal: Michele Trawicki
Student enrollment: 516
Total employees: 56
Certified staff: 36
Classroom teachers: 22
Guidance counselors: .7
Library / media specialist: 1
Reading specialist: 1
Starting time: 8:40 a.m.
Ending time: 3:25 p.m.
Mascot: Eagle
School colors: blue and gold

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Vision Statement

Inspire dreams
Celebrate learning
Embrace the future

Marcy Elementary School can be described as a mixture of old and new, with a country atmosphere in a suburban setting. The school was organized in the 1840s – before some surrounding communities were established.

Among the many construction projects recorded in Marcy’s long history are:

1842-1849 – Menomonee District No. 5 school opens;
1888 – frame schoolhouse built on current site;
1921 – eight-foot addition;
1926 – building transformed to three-room school;
1933 – building is bricked and fence erected;
1949 – a kitchen is added;
1955 – four rooms, offices, multi-purpose room added;
1963 – eight-room addition;
1993 – media center, six classrooms, new offices and community room;
2004 – extensive school facility project including razing of school’s oldest section, construction of new classroom addition, gymnasium, computer lab and renovation of school infrastructure.

Marcy became part of a K-12 system in 1963 when it consolidated with the Hamilton School District.

Currently, 21 classrooms accommodate an enrollment of 461 students. Features of Marcy include a large group instruction area, small group meeting area, gymnasium, library media center, speech and language offices, conference room and art room.

Parents are welcome at Marcy and involvement is strongly encouraged. The relationship between home and school is highly valued. Parents function as classroom and computer helpers, room and reading parents and lunch ticket sellers. Parent involvement was officially recognized in 1949 when the Marcy Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was formed. The PTA became a Home and School Association in 1969 and in 1998 became a PTA once again.

Overall, students perform well on standardized tests and the Wisconsin Third Grade Reading Test. As they advance to Templeton Middle School and Hamilton High School they continue to do well. All staff efforts are directed to student success and the school strives to help students reach excellence.

Among the special services at the school are a part-time guidance counselor and programs serving students in the areas of speech and language, early childhood, cognitive disabilities, emotional disabilites, learning disabilities, occupational therapy, physical therapy and hearing impairment.