Maple Avenue Site Plan


Maple Avenue Elementary School’s planning team met Dec. 15, 2009 to develop a new five-year site plan.

The team reviewed the mission statement and decided to modify it to reflect the new district strategic plan. The new Maple Avenue mission statement is:

It is the mission of Maple Avenue Elementary School,

in partnership with staff, family, and community,

to ensure maximum achievement and

empower each student to find success

by engaging students in progressive, child-centered learning experiences

in a safe and nurturing environment. 

The site planning team spent the majority of the day analyzing school profile data, internal district data, including the new district strategic plan, and external data from the community, state and nation, including 21st century skills. With a desire to challenge students and staff to do better today than yesterday and recognizing that the school’s ultimate goal is to maximize the academic achievement of all Maple Avenue students, the team created the following tactics:

  •  Tactic #1 – Students will develop their oral and written skills to communicate effectively and purposefully with others.
  • Tactic #2 – Students will be engaged in meaningful and active learning to support maximum achievement for each child. 
  • Tactic #3 – Teachers will implement quality assessment practices and assist students in monitoring their own progress to ensure continuous learning.

Relationship to district Strategic Plan

 All three tactics focus on academic achievement and are directly linked to the following strategies found within the Hamilton School District Strategic Plan:

  •  Strategy 1: We will ensure rigorous, relevant curriculum and innovative instruction to support maximum achievement for each child.
  • Strategy 2: We will engage and empower students, differentiate instruction and ensure continuous progress for each child by implementing quality assessment practices.

Looking ahead

 All staff members have joined tactic development teams. Durin second semester the school will develop action plans including interventions that support tactics, the district strategic plan and the Maple Avenue mission.

The school is excited by the challenges of the new school improvement plan. Staff members are confident that tactics will have a positive impact on the school and student achievement. They look forward to the further development and implementation of these tactics over the next five years, as well as sharing the positive outcomes of their efforts.