High school, middle school students send appreciation cards to school bus drivers

Dairyland Bus Company school bus drivers received some unique cards this holiday season. Hamilton High School and Templeton Middle School students sent them holiday cards with original messages of appreciation for their services.

Hamilton teacher Richard Ballin came up with the idea for the project in hopes that students would be spurred to show appreciation to others in their lives.

“If kids thank a bus driver, maybe they will think about the other people in their lives that they want to show appreciation to,” Ballin said.

Ballin contacted Templeton teacher Catherine Norene who took the lead in communicating the idea to Templeton staff. The idea was presented to Templeton students through their house teachers.

At Hamilton, paraprofessional Debbie Curtis got the word out to students through the Pep Club that she advises. Pep Club members Felicia Price and Marissa Gross distributed information about the project to Hamilton students during their advisements, and Nicole Guenther sorted cards so that they could be included in bus drivers’ paychecks on Dec. 23.