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The Hamilton High Five program is a way for you to salute any Hamilton School District employee who goes above and beyond what is expected. Whether you are a parent impressed with that special touch your child’s teacher added to a moment or an employee who thinks your co-worker doesn’t often hear about the great job they are doing, you can send a High Five. Anyone can nominate any Hamilton School District employee. Besides employees getting a High Five certificate telling them why they are appreciated, others will know as well.

  • The superintendent, School Board and the employee’s supervisor will see your High Five.
  • High Five recipients will be listed on Hamilton Matters employee intranet and the district website.

The best part? It’s really easy. Click here to send a Hamilton High Five.

Below are the latest Hamilton High Five recipients. Take a look at previous recipients.

Kelly Schroeder, District educational services administrative assistant, was nominated by a co-worker:

Kelly joined our Ed Services/HR Team less than a year ago and has made so many positive contributions to the way our department works and in building relationships with her new co-workers. Her thoughtfulness and kind nature is greatly appreciated by all she comes in contact with. Kelly also can see the ‘big picture’ and offers suggestions and solutions to help streamline our processes. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate.

Ann Wodarczak, Lannon Elementary administrative assistant, was nominated by a co-worker:

Ann is a positive force within our school. She is both cheerful and inviting. Students, families and staff are eagerly welcomed when passing by the office. Ann develops impactful connections with children. She is also professional and respectful of others. She is both skilled and efficient at her job. The Lannfam is lucky to have her as part of our team.

Rebecca Ribar, Templeton Middle psychologist, was nominated by a co-worker:

Dr. Ribar recently dealt with an issue and was able to clarify with parents what the child needed, and did so with ease. Thank you!

Tammy Ferrell, Templeton Middle bookkeeper and supervision paraprofessional, was nominated by co-workers:

Tammy’s ability to organize all of the budget forms and requests is amazing. She is a rock star! Thank you Tammy for all that you do for us.

Tammy has been working hard to make sure all teams and departments have everything they need this year. The last few weeks, she has been getting in supply orders, and organizing the MANY boxes full of orders to make sure all teachers have what they need. Thank you, Tammy!

Karen Zielinski, Templeton Middle grade 8 teacher, was nominated by a parent:

My son, who struggles with school, loves coming to Mrs. Zielinski’s math and advisement everyday. He comes home and talks about things he has learned or things she has said daily. Mrs. Zielinski is a very positive influence on my son. He looks up to her and respects her. She is the first teacher he has really been excited about! Wish we could bring her along to high school!

Brecken Ashenbrenner, Maple Avenue Elementary special education teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Brecken is a dedicated and passionate educator. She is highly collaborative and a great team player. Brecken is always willing to help out and is very dependable. She cares deeply about her students. I feel fortunate to work with such a talented, selfless, and kind colleague. Thank you for always going out of your way for your students and colleagues!

Denise McKennon, Templeton Middle clerical and guidance paraprofessional, was nominated by a co-worker:

Denise went above and beyond to help me with a student project I have been working on. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and confidentiality in the matter. Her teamwork is so very appreciated. She is always going above and beyond to do what is right for students.

Tim Cunningham, Templeton Middle grade 7 teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Thank you Tim for helping out 7 White. We appreciate your favor!

Megan Karabon, Templeton Middle grade 7 teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Thank you Megan for helping out 7 White. We appreciate your favor!

Lauren Picado, Templeton Middle grade 7 teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Thank you Lauren for helping out 7 White. We appreciate your favor!

Lisa Benishek, Templeton Middle grade 7 teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Thank you Lisa for helping out 7 White. We appreciate your favor!

Eileen Swierczek, Maple Avenue Elementary clerical paraprofessional, was nominated by a parent:

Whenever I am at Maple to volunteer, pick up or drop off my child, Mrs. S. is always a welcoming, happy staff member who truly seems to love her job and the kiddos she works with. From helping open car doors in the pouring rain to helping put a Band-Aid on a scraped knee, she never misses a beat. We are so thankful to her for helping make everything run smoothly at Maple!

Katie Gliesner, Lannon Elementary K5 teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Katie has been an amazing co-worker to collaborate with this year! Whether it be connecting mindful activities to the gym or working together to help students in need. She rocks!

Callie Lauer, Silver Spring Intermediate grade 5 humanities teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Callie is an incredible educator. She gives 100% of herself each day and wants the very best for every student. Callie is committed to her own learning and demonstrates a genuine desire for continued growth for herself, her students, and the teams she serves with. We are fortunate to have Callie in our community at SSI!

Carrie Maxwell, Hamilton High science teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Carrie is an amazing, innovative teacher. She goes above and beyond in the classroom to get her students learning!

Leanne Wied, Hamilton High math teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Leanne is the consummate professional. She ALWAYS is on top of her game, no matter what is on her plate. When required to proctor standardized tests, she reads the associated manuals in advance to have questions ready/issues addressed. She thoughtfully approaches situations and is ALWAYS willing to offer advice as to how to word a response, craft a question, plan for an activity, or approach an individual. We are very fortunate to have her at HHS—especially in the math department.

Kristin Hasbrook, Hamilton High school and AODA counselor, was nominated by a co-worker:

Kristin willingly shares her time—she has spoken to our Future Educators Club Members as they look toward a career in education. She has allowed me to run ideas past her (and she’s even looked at documents) as I contemplate activities in my classroom. Kristin is positive and works to promote healthy and fun activities to promote “TEAM” among staff members.

Heather Condon, Silver Spring Intermediate special education teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Heather goes above and beyond to support students and fellow staff members on a daily basis.

Brianne Hill, Maple Avenue Elementary grade 1 teacher, was nominated by a parent:

Mrs. Hill goes above and beyond with providing her class unique learning experiences. After her class tried to prank her with fake cockroaches on April Fool’s Day, she brought in real cockroaches for the kids to learn about and study! The kids were in amazement! They had so much fun! She made it such an awesome, hands-on learning experience. The kids won’t soon forget this!

Lisa Strauss, Templeton Middle fitness education teacher, was nominated by co-workers:

Lisa has done a great job with coordinating Hoops for Heart and also the Ability Center. It is greatly appreciated and a wonderful way to engage students in different ways.

Lisa always makes me feel like a valued member of any team. She is helpful and thoughtful and keeps the best interests of students in mind.

Sara Lemke, Templeton Middle French teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Sara saved my sanity by going out of her way to help me out. She is the best!

Brian Balfany, Lannon Elementary principal, was nominated by a co-worker:

Brian deserves MORE than a HIGH FIVE but he is too humble to believe so. He NEVER stops helping anyone and everyone inside AND outside this building. HE EVEN DRIVES A SCHOOL BUS!!! He has gone above and beyond his title.