Hamilton High Five

HH5LogoThe Hamilton High Five program is a way for you to salute any Hamilton School District employee who goes above and beyond what is expected. Whether you are a parent impressed with that special touch your child’s teacher added to a moment or an employee who thinks your co-worker doesn’t often hear about the great job they are doing, you can send a High Five. Anyone can nominate any Hamilton School District employee. Besides employees getting a High Five certificate telling them why they are appreciated, others will know as well.

  • The superintendent, School Board and the employee’s supervisor will see your High Five.
  • High Five recipients will be listed on Hamilton Matters employee intranet and the district website.

The best part? It’s really easy. Click here to send a Hamilton High Five.

Below are the latest Hamilton High Five recipients. Take a look at previous recipients.

Hope Onysio, Templeton Middle School eighth grade teacher, was nominated by a co-worker because:

I would like to thank Hope Onysio for always being attentive to learning needs of English learners in Comm Arts 8 that can be challenging for ELs; for keeping English learners accountable for their overall literacy growth and for finding time to collaborate with ESL teacher. In a word, for being an accommodating teacher while maintaining high educational standards for English learners.

Jeffrey Grove, Hamilton School District manager of buildings and grounds, was nominated by a co-worker because:

Outstanding Team Leader.

David Schiffer, Hamilton School District custodial-maintenance staff member, was nominated by a co-worker because:

The hard work put into making cough shields, for the “new norm”; they are magnificent.

Rhonda Watton, Templeton Middle School eighth grade teacher, was nominated by a co-worker because:

Rhonda is extraordinary in the amount of personal time and money she spends on professional development to benefit herself and her social studies students. This week she is spending the week in a virtual American Revolution Institute! Her passion for Social Studies is contagious. Creative, fun lessons that bring history to life are the result/benefit for her students.

Annie Schneider, Hamilton High School communication arts teacher, was nominated by a co-worker because:

Annie is always willing to listen whether it is a new idea or just trying to work out an issue with a current task. She has put in multiple hours with me on the curriculum team for ELA and always helps me stay focused and positive.

Peter Dargatz, Woodside Elementary School kindergarten teacher, was nominated by a parent because:

Mr. Dargatz’s passion for teaching is so evident every single day. He takes creativity and engaged learning to a new level with his Nature Kindergarten program and our child flourished this year in his indoor & outdoor classrooms! It was a joy for us as parents to watch her confidence grow as well. Thank you!

Bridget Jimmerson, Marcy Elementary School special education teacher, was nominated by a co-worker because:

Creative and engaging lesson plans to motivate learning in her classroom.