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Hamilton High Five


The Hamilton High Five program is a way for you to salute any Hamilton School District employee who goes above and beyond what is expected. Whether you are a parent impressed with that special touch your child’s teacher added to a moment or an employee who thinks your co-worker doesn’t often hear about the great job they are doing, you can send a High Five. Anyone can nominate any Hamilton School District employee. Besides employees getting a High Five certificate telling them why they are appreciated, others will know as well.

  • The superintendent, School Board and the employee’s supervisor will see your High Five.
  • High Five recipients will be listed on Hamilton Matters employee intranet and the district website.

The best part? It’s really easy. Click here to send a Hamilton High Five.

Below are the latest Hamilton High Five recipients. Take a look at previous recipients.

Christy Schwechel, Silver Spring Intermediate School fifth grade humanities teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

She has worked really hard to adjust from maternity leave and come into teaching virtual.

Heather Waibel, Silver Spring Intermediate School special services paraprofessional, was nominated by a co-worker:

Heather comes to work everyday with a positive attitude. She is kind, caring, compassionate and is fully dedicated to working and helping our students with special needs. She is open and receptive to suggestions and changes. Heather has a calm presence that resonates to the students and staff. She is always smiling and gives 100%. She is a strong team member and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Christina Garley, Silver Spring Intermediate School fifth grade math teacher, was nominated by two co-workers:

Christina always gives 100% for her students and their learning. She will never allow students to “not learn.” She’s always finding ways to revisit essential skills to make sure her students are consistently proficient. Her students are really lucky to have a teacher that cares as much as she does.

Christina is the ultimate team player. She wants what’s best for her students and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure they reach their full potential. Her dedication to her class/school/district is bar none!

Michelle Prei, Silver Spring Intermediate School math support teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Michelle is a wonderful colleague and my “voice of reason.” I appreciate having a partner to brainstorm solutions with and someone who enjoys challenges. She truly cares about the students and all the people around her. Her positive attitude and the joy she brings to SSI every day is very much appreciated. Thank you, Michelle.

Cathy Drago, Hamilton School District supervisor of instructional services, was nominated by a co-worker:

Cathy is a brave young leader who is striving to build clarity in our district. This includes capturing all the things that are going well and being willing to analyze and ask questions about what could or should be different. This work is hard and it takes courage, vulnerability and persistence. I am grateful to work alongside her and help co-create plans to live out our vision and mission at Hamilton.

Tina Hill, Silver Spring Intermediate School sixth grade humanities teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Tina consistently works very hard to bring out the best from each of her students. I’ve seen her students flourish this year as students and individuals under her tutelage.

Megan Sykes, Silver Spring Intermediate School applied engineering and technology teacher:

Megan helped a special needs virtual student in my class have access to more tabs so he can organize his day. The student and his mom were so happy.

Michel Lee, Hamilton High School custodial staff member, was nominated by a co-worker:

Michel deserves several high fives for the work he does at Hamilton. Not only does he help keep my classroom in tip-top shape but he never fails to lift my spirits at the end of a long day. I can never sneak down the hallway without hearing him say “have a good night!” Thank you for all you do, Michel!

Kristy Cravillion, Willow Springs Learning Center kindergarten teacher, was nominated by a co-worker:

Kristy has embraced the challenges of the school year. She has been an understanding team member bringing her expertise to life in the planning and executing of lessons. She is open to new ideas and continues to provide the best for her students and the school.