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Resources for Parents


A word from REDgen

A collection of tips for self-care

Stress and Anxiety in Youth

Stress and Anxiety in Youth

This is the Powerpoint used by David Jacobi, Ph.D. for his presentation Dec. 3, 2019 at Hamilton High School.


A list of resources about vaping

Tech-Break parent resources

This website provides tips to use to create healthy screen-time behavior.

NWEA-MAP parent toolkit

Parent toolkit
This guide provides responses to parents’ most frequently asked questions about MAP assessments as well as links to mathematics and language arts-reading resource websites.

NWEA-MAP RIT reference charts

RIT reference charts
These charts provide examples of the kinds of work students can do at various points along the MAP RIT scale. Please note that each subject area has a unique alignment to the RIT scale. As a result, scores between subjects are not equivalent.

Rachel’s Challenge

Based on the life and writing of Rachel Scott to provide a continual improvement process for schools designed to awaken the learner in every child.

The smart way to teach children about money

Teaching children about money

It’s time to rethink how we teach children about money. We focus on teaching finance in school when regular math is much more effective at helping children manage money.

Handling bullying

Find a series of videos on the topic of bullying, including ways to handle different types of bullying situations that may affect your child or teen, whether at school, at home, or in the community.

Building optimism

Helping children build optimism in their lives

Children’s happiness and their success in life can be enhanced by developing more optimism. This is a great video produced by Dr. Michael Weber, Superintendent at the Port Washington-Saukville School District.

Keeping our kids safe online

Parent resource site

This website provides links to many wonderful resources available to help families learn more about how to safely and effectively use technology. It is a great start for parents to improve their technological knowledge and understand their children’s social media lives.