Eight Lannon students transported to hospital after arriving to school with symptoms

Eight Lannon Elementary School students were transported to the hospital by ambulance Wednesday morning after coming to school complaining of feeling sick. The students are Milwaukee residents who participate in the Chapter 220 Program and all rode the same bus from Milwaukee to Lannon. Six of the eight students showed symptoms of burning, itching eyes and nausea. Paramedics were contacted and decided to transport all eight children to have their conditions further evaluated by medical personnel.

Parents of the affected students were notified so that they could meet their children at the hospital. By 11 a.m., all the students were released from the hospital and most of them turned to school.

Riteway Bus Services, which operates the bus as part of a contract with Milwaukee Public Schools, was contacted and they conducted a safety exam of the bus on which the students rode. The bus was later driven to the Lannon Police Department where it was inspected again.

Lannon Elementary School is located at 7145 N. Lannon Road, Lannon.