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Grade 8 Allied Arts Elective Courses

Supplement to the Parent Curriculum Guide


The foundation of the art program is found in basic communication and problem solving skills. Eighth grade students will concentrate on relating art history to their projects. Students will create two- and three- dimensional works and work independently in their sketchbooks.

The curriculum includes five themes:

  • conceptual understanding (through structured experiences)
  • aesthetic valuing (involving aesthetic impression and expression)
  • creative behavior (through divergent problem solving)
  • craftsmanship (mastery of varied materials and techniques)
  • understanding the content of art (focusing on art history and art criticism)

Introduction to Business and Marketing

Introduction to Business and Marketing is a yearlong course elected by eighth grade students. Units of study may include but are not limited to:

  • business communication
  • life and career skills, career development, and employability skills
  • finance
  • marketing
  • entrepreneurship

Technology and Engineering

Students will complete individual, small group and class projects to explore:

  • the role of engineers and the processes they use to solve problems
  • automation, coding and robotics
  • woods processes
  • design and modeling
  • electricity
  • transportation engineering

Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science is a student centered, success driven, integrated program that encompasses the world of work and personal and social development. Establishing and managing a small business are the strands that drive the family and consumer education program. Your child will:

  • acquire and understanding of the qualities and roles of an employee and employer
  • enhance peer communication skills
  • practice effective leadership skills
  • work collaboratively in groups
  • set high, attainable goals for self

Spanish I, French I, German I

Your child will:

  • understand and produce basic, memorized expressions in oral and written form
  • develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to be able to meet survival needs dealing with recurring events and functions
  • react, in a limited way in a social situation
  • understand and answer, in oral and written form, a structured question about personal experiences
  • show in oral and written form some spontaneity and creative language use in response to an oral or written question, a situation or a visual


Eighth grade chorus is open to all students. No audition or previous experience is necessary. Chorus students will:

  • develop musical skills (expression, phrasing, dynamics, note reading, intonation)
  • sing in a large variety of vocal styles
  • have opportunities to participate in solo and small group performances
  • have the opportunity to participate in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival
  • perform at other schools or participate in a choral clinic

Instrumental Music

Your child will:

  • develop advanced ensemble performance skills
  • expand dynamic usage and instrument range
  • learn intermediate solo and ensemble literature
  • increase his or her ability to incorporate phrasing techniques during performance
  • develop a more acute awareness for intonation and ear training
  • establish a higher level of instrumental tone production
  • learn to apply expressive and interpretive concepts to musical phrases