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Grade 7 & 8 Social-Emotional Learning

Mindsets & goals

Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply research-based goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.

These lessons help create classrooms that are connected and encouraging by helping students set and achieve collective and personal goals, learn from challenges, recognize their personal strengths and explore the unique aspects of their identities.

Recognizing bullying & harassment

Students learn how to recognize bullying and harassment, stand up safely to bullying and respond appropriately to harassment.

These lessons help students develop empathy, understand the impact of bullying and harassment on individuals and their communities, and examine social and environmental factors that contribute to negative behaviors as well as identify solutions for preventing those behaviors.

Thoughts, emotions & decisions

Students learn how to recognize strong emotions and unhelpful thoughts, and they learn to apply strategies for managing their emotions and reducing stress.

These lessons help students understand that all emotions are valuable because they provide us with information about our environment. Students learn to respond to their emotions in ways that help meet their wants and needs.

Managing relationships & social conflict

Students learn strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, perspective-taking and dealing with conflict.

These lessons help students learn to honor and understand differences based on varied personal, familial and cultural backgrounds.