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Other School Facilities Needs

CFAC 2-minute videos: Other School Facilities Needs

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The previous 2-minute video described the process the district uses to project future enrollment. We learned that while most schools in the district will be able to handle enrollment growth due to subdivision development, Lannon Elementary School will be beyond its classroom capacity within the next five years.

The Community Facilities Advisory Committee also looked at other facilities needs in addition to classroom space.

Hamilton High School was built in 1962, and since then, it has had numerous classroom additions. When the high school was built, student enrollment at the high school was about half of its current enrollment. Substantial classroom additions through the years accommodated the growing school enrollment. Not only were classrooms added to the high school, but athletic, theater and other common spaces were also added or expanded. 

The cafeteria, however, is the same as it was in 1962 when the school had about 50% fewer students than its current enrollment. This space is now crowded for students. Kitchen equipment is outdated and difficult to maintain due to age.

Building of Silver Spring Intermediate School, which was opened in the fall of 2019, alleviated classroom space issues for Templeton Middle School because sixth grade was moved to Silver Spring. While Templeton’s total enrollment decreased, the size of each grade has continued growing.

Having each grade eat lunch in the same period results in efficient scheduling during the school day – something that ultimately saves money for the district in instructional costs. The cafeteria, however, is not able to accommodate the current size of each grade.

 Finally, renovations and upgrades to outdoor athletic facilities could increase and maximize student opportunities. The current configuration of the baseball field prevents simultaneous use of the track and football field when baseball is being played. Relocating the baseball field would allow for scheduling baseball as well as track and football events at the same time. This flexibility in scheduling will accommodate more events on the football field.  Also, turfing the football field would increase the number of athletic team practices, games and marching band events.

The Community Facilities Advisory Committee reviewed the needs and prioritized classroom and cafeteria needs if the district were to consider a referendum.