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Workforce and Organizational Wellness

Goal: All staff will engage in continuous professional learning and be provided opportunities to improve personal wellness.

Strategies to support this goal include:

  • Provide choice for professional development as it relates to assessment, student social-emotional wellness and technology to enhance learning.
  • Refine and build staff capacity and use the teacher evaluation process to increase teaching effectiveness.
  • Support staff well-being in areas such as general health, nutrition, active lifestyle, financial literacy and overall career culture.

Indicators of success include, but are not limited to:

The annual staff attendance rate will increase each year.

The percent of staff participating in one or more district-sponsored wellness activities will increase each year.

The percent of staff reporting a positive attitude towards the implementation of the district’s strategic plan activities as measured by staff survey data will increase each year.

The annual staff retention rate will increase each year.

Action steps and learning activities underway:

Teachers attended a voluntary “Ed Camp” over the summer to discuss various instructional topics.

  • Designed professional development activities for paraprofessionals related specifically to their daily job responsibilities.
  • Staff participated in a “Genius Hour” based on individual interest and identified building/district areas of need.
  • Designed and implementing an alternative model based on teacher expertise and peer collaboration.
  • Offered voluntary biometric screening for all staff.
  • Scheduled EAP and health insurance providers to attend back to school activities.
  • Scheduled five after-school wellness presentations for staff by our EAP and Health Care providers.